About Paula Wood

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Every interaction we have with our world matters, whether digital or physical, and can be made more pleasant and more human. How does a door open, how do you know when and where to safely cross the street, and how can you easily check your bank balance and send money where it needs to go?

All these interactions add up to equal the quality of our lives. A lot of poorly designed interactions means a lot of personal frustration and an overall bad UX of life. 

We can make it better! In my approach, I enjoy involving all disciplines to the process, from the developers who build it to the business and product managers who get it to market.

Developers will see logic and design problems in a different way than I do as a designer, and I encourage them to tell me if my designs are the best way to build an experience, or if they have better suggestions.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to QA, who take one look at my designs, and then list a thousand edge cases. Without them, my designs would be so much less refined. 

Product and business managers actually get my designs to market and into people's lives. Plus, all the other people in the organization who all contribute to great UX happening in the world. 

My goal is to help give people the best experience I can.